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Our three-level kindergarten programs prepare children ages 4–6 for primary education by teaching foundational literacy and math skills both in Tigrigna and English. We also provide a character education program to nurture important social and emotional skills such as :

These well-rounded programs encourage continued skill development in the arts and creative expression and also include physical fitness.


Simret Merha Tibeb Academy primarily uses the curriculum by the Tigray Bureau of Education which is prepared in the regional language, Tigrigna, for elementary students. However, we provide a challenging, internationally recognized supplementary curriculum besides to the Regional Bureau of Education’s. This approach has prepared our elementary students for their secondary education curriculum which is mainly taught in English.

Students need more than just academic knowledge to achieve their goals as they progress through school and life. Our teachers help students develop 21st-century skills through learning activities.


Simret Merha Tibeb Academy strives to create an atmosphere for learning and growth. Such an atmosphere provides each student an opportunity to realize his/her potential and to develop healthy attitudes and responsible behavior that will enable him/her to pursue continued studies and to assume his/her place in society as a responsible citizen.