Who We Are?

We are a pioneer private school in Tigray

About Simret Merha Tibeb Academy Establishment

Simret Merha Tibeb Academy (SMTA) was founded in 1998 by Simret Enterprises P.L.C owners with a commitment and passion to render outstanding educational services to grades K-12.

We are a pioneer private school in the Tigrai region. The Regional Bureau of Education accredited us to render educational services to grades K-12. Eventually, SMTA has become a good example for many private schools to flourish quickly in our area.


SMTA strives to teach its students in an environment of academic excellence according to the regional curriculum policy supplemented by internationally accepted curriculums.

To effectively conduct the teaching-learning process, our school has the required facilities. The school provides adequate transportation services using its modern school buses and responsible drivers that pick up students from different parts of Mekelle town

The school has :

Our Mission

To provide an educational environment that fosters academic excellence, instills a love of active learning, and provides experiences that enable students to acquire a foundation of skills for lifelong achievement.

Our Values